Project: Logo & pitchdeck design for start up connecting
university applicants to mentors
Year: 2019
Commissioned by: weetu corp., New York
Fair in the Air
Project: Corporate design for start up dealing with flight passenger rights
Year: 2019
Commissioned by: Fair in the Air, Berlin
Huitres des Juliette
Project: logo, sticker & business cards for oyster import company
Year: 2019
Commissioned by: Huitres des Juliettes, Berlin

Tanzscout Berlin
Project: logo, flyer & business cards for a group of dance and theatre educators, specialized in modern dance
Year: 2017
Commissioned by: Tanzscout, Berlin
Good Q coffee bar, Berlin
Project: Corporate design for coffee bar & frozen yogurt shop
Year: 2011
Commissioned by: Good Q coffee bar, Berlin
Living Workplace, Berlin
Project: Corporate Design for office planner group
Year: 2016
Commissioned by: 
Eurocres Consulting GmbH / Living Workplace, Berlin
Egmont Ehapa Verlag
Project: Logo redesign for different book series @publishing company
Year: 2012
Commissioned by: Egmont Ehapa Media /Egmont Publishing, Cologne
KIBO Growing, Berlin
Project: Corporate design for medical herbs supplier 
Year: 2017
Commissioned by: KIBO Growing GbR, Berlin
Linn Sackarnd Production Office
Project: Logo, business stationary & web design for film production office
Year: 2017
Commissioned by: 
Linn Sackarnd Production Office, Berlin
Pictogram family for Siemens Gamesa signage system
Client: SIEMENS Gamesa AG
Project: Signage system
Year: 2018
Commissioned by: MetaDesign GmbH, Berlin
Pictogram family for APCOA parking signage system
Client: APCOA Parking AG
Project: Signage system for car parks
Year: 2018
Commissioned by: MetaDesign GmbH, Berlin
Dilettantes @ Echo Buecher book store, Berlin
Project: logo & flyer design for series of music events
Year: 2014 - 2015
Commissioned by: Vinilette & Echo Buecher book store
Lucky Strike Maker Slam
Client: Lucky Strike / BAT GmbH
Project: Roadshow, event pitch, keyvisual & icon design
Year: 2014
Commissioned by: Uniplan GmbH, Cologne
Wolke 8 Burgershop, Montabaur
Project: Corporate  design for burgershop
Year: 2016
Commissioned by: Wolke 8 Burgerhandlung, Montabaur
Fleischhandlung, Berlin
Project: Logo, business stationary & print design for meat market
Year: 2014 (ongoing)
Commissioned by: Fleischhandlung Baumgart & Braun, Berlin
Tina Heidelberg Sommelière
Project: Logo & businesscard design for wine & sherry sommelière
Year: 2015
Commissioned by: Tina Heidelberg Sommelière, Berlin
Vina Verde Mallorca​​​​​​​
Project: Logo & bottle label design for Mallorcan vineyard
Year: 2012
Commissioned by: Vina Verde, Mallorca
A+ I 
Logo & businesscards for architects & engineers office 
Year: 2000
Commissioned by: Architekten+Ingenieure GmbH, Münster
Iris Holstein Szenographie
Project: Logo & businesscard design for stage & costume designer
Year: 2014
Commissioned by: Iris Holstein Scenography, Hamburg
BMW 100
Client: BMW AG 
Project: BMW 100, keyvisual design for event pitch
Year: 2015
Commissioned by: Wolf Productions GmbH, Cologne
Logo & flyer design for monthly electronic music event @ Badaboum Club, Paris, 2014
BMW Kieler Woche
Client: BMW AG
Project: BMW Kieler Woche, keyvisual for event pitch
Year: 2007
Commissioned by: Uniplan GmbH, Cologne
Project: Concept & 2D design for e-mobility start-up „TRUMe“ (casestudy)
Year: 2011
Cooperation w/: @UdK Berlin
Shop & Cook
Project: Start-up concept & 2D design for app - casestudy
Year: 2012
Cooperation w/: @UdK Berlin
Das Schwarze Brett
Project: Start-up concept & 2D design for app - 30 minutes projects casestudy
Year: 2012
Cooperation w/: @UdK Berlin
Project: Logo design for start up
Year: 2012
Commissioned by: Soaprise
Speakers Corner Learning Center
Project: logo & icon design, illustrations for kids language school
Year: 2012
Commissioned by: Speakers Corner Learning Center, Cologne
Believe in Horses Charity Event hosted by Hermès 
Client: Hermès International SCA
Projecat: Gala event, event pitch
Year: 2007
Commissioned by: Uniplan GmbH, Cologne
German reunion celebration
Client: City of Bonn / Land NRW
Project: icons & overview map for the celebration of the German reunion celebration event
Year: 2011
Commissioned by: BBDO Live
Fez Coffee
Own project
Suomen  Postimerkit
stamp design for the occasion of Helsinki being World Design Capital in 2012 (pitch)
logo design ngo for integrative german politics
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